First Journal Entry (Part 2): Battle Between Gods


A long time ago there was a war going on. A war between different civilizations so advanced they’d understood everything about the universe. They even know how to stop ageing. This war has three sides the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Nordics. The war all started the three of them decided to take the moon which is suppose to be a neutral for them but hidden in it is the Iron Throne which lets a god have the power to control all gods at will. At first they tried to have a diplomatic means but it didn’t works because of greediness to become the conqueror of the world.


One of the first battle is between the Greek and the Nordic. The two armies are too evenly match that they both decided to have a duel between the two thunder gods because if they lose more men the Egyptian army will have the advantage. This to is also evenly matched that both of them go down. Due to the results of the battle they decided to have a temporary alliance to defeat the Egyptian army.

battle z a t

The fated day has come when the three armies faced. At first the battle started 2 vs 1 and the Egyptians are starting to lose. Then when the Nordics saw that the Egyptians will lose they betrayed the Greeks and attacked them but the Greeks anticipated the betrayal. the war didn’t stop for years.


Because of the war the energy is distorted that the sun reacted to it. Then one day a flare coming from the sun came. The flame is so intense that it wipe out almost wipe out all the gods. Even if their is survivors their physical forms have vanished. As time passed humans have reemerge but has loss their knowledge. Up to now the gods are still fighting helping the humans grow so that the humans will be fighting for the gods they acknowledge to get the Iron Throne inside the moon.

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Based on:

Age of mythology

Game of Thrones

my own imagination


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